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Company NameWebsite NameAboutUrl
360 Panoramic Turkey Photos What is Panoramic Photo Url 
50 Most Interesting Wikipedia Articles Copybot About Copybot Url 
50 Ways to be Persuasive Moskalyak Blog Url 
Adobe TV About Adobe TV Url 
American Time Use Survey NY Time Use Survey (Related Article) Url 
ARTstor digital library About ARTstor Url 
Awave Studio Converts Midi-files fmj soft .com  Url 
Biblical.apedia Welcome to Biblicalapedia Url 
Blog Why People Go Online Pro Blogger Ruder Finn Intent Index Url 
Copy Right Slider www.library Url 
Craig's List Online Classfieds Craig's List Toronto More About Craig's List Url 
Dark Roasted Blend Links and Coffee stuff Dark Roasted Blend www.darkroastedblend/about Url 
Facebook Social Network Facebook facebook on wikipedia Url 
Factoidz Bite sized knowledge How Does Factoidz Work Url 
Film Baby Film About Film Baby Url 
Finding Dulcinea Librarian for the Internet About Dulcinea Url 
Firefox About firefox Url 
Flikr Commons About Flikr Url 
Flikr Photo Sharing Flikr Explore Flikr Url 
Gutenberg Project Gutenberg Project Contact Info Url 
Imdb Internet Movie Data Base IMDB IMDB.RSS Feed Url 
Internet Archive About Internet Archive Url 
I See Stand  Url 
Jango Music Network Jango  Jango Internet Radio Station Url 
LinkedIn (Business Network) LinkedIn About LinkedIn Url 
Media Wiki What is a wiki? Url 
Moby Moby (Wait for Me) Discography Url 
National Film Board of Canada About the NFB Url 
Neatorama  Url 
Open Directory Project Open Directory Project DMOZ About DMOZ Url 
Open Library Open About the Project Url 
Open Office About Open Office Url 
Open Source Software by Source Forge Source What is Source Url 
Panoramas About Panoramas Url 
Peninsula Bible Church Ray Stedman.Org About Ray Stedman Url 
Personas (How The Internet Sees You) Personas About Personas Url 
Picasa Web Photo Album Picasa Web Album Explore Picasa Web Album Url 
Public Health Agency of Canada Public Health Agency of Canada Contact info 
Random Yes Useful No (Interesting) Random yes. Useful No. Random Yes Useful No Feed Url 
Ray Kurzweil KurzweilAI,net What is Url 
Scriptures 4 All About Scripture4All Url 
Scriptures For All  Url 
Sonic Bids Corporation Sonicbids About Sonic bids Url 
Sonico Portugues Social Network Sonico About Sonico Url 
Tiny Pic Free Image and Video Hosting Tiny Pic About Tiny Pic Url 
Toronto CD/DVD Duplication Service Toronto CD Duplication Prices Url 
TUTVID tutvid About Tutvid Url 
Twitter Online Updates Twitter About Twitter Url 
Unicef Who We Are Unicef portal 
Videomaker  Url 
VR Centre for the Built Environment Open Street Map About Open Street Map Url 
Wkipedia About Wkipedia Url 
Xvid Video Compression What is xvid? Url 
Yola Websites Yola (Formerly SynthaSite) About Yola Url 
You Send It File transfer You Send It Url 
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